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If you’re a current member of Christian Fellowship Ministries, we have no quarrel with you, we love you, and we wish you well. It may very well be that you’ve hurt us (ex-members) in some way without realizing it at the time; perhaps you still don’t realize it. That’s alright, maybe you’ll come to realize it in the future. We’re fighting for justice, we’re fighting the organization ‘Christian Fellowship Ministries’, and by no means are we fighting you. We want justice for victims of sexual abuse, we want pastors and some current members to realize and acknowledge their mistakes, mistakes which victimized many. We want to expose the misuse of finances, money that was given for world evangelism, but ended up funding lawsuits. And we want to dispute erroneous doctrines. We’ve been abused, ridiculed, and threatened—which reflects Christ in no way! Ask yourself the question: “Am I defending Christianity? Or am I defending the organization?” Sermon illustrations often include examples of ex-members who left the church and led a horrible life outside the will of God. Many current members live in fear, fear of losing their salvation if they ever dare to leave the church God placed them in. But if the church is the body of Christ—of which all who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior are a part—this narrative suddenly doesn’t make any sense anymore, does it? Christian Fellowship Ministries often upholds the narrative that people who read or listen to criticism about the church are rebellious. According to pastor Wayman Mitchell, critical thinkers and those accused of rebellion have the spirit of witchcraft. But The Bible says nothing about rebellion against an organization (church/pastor), only against God. We hope you’ll read some of the articles on this website, and we encourage you to think about everything you read. If you have any questions about anything you’re reading, you can always contact us.
We’re not attacking Christianity, we’re urging Christian Fellowship Ministries to stop abusing people.

About us

They say people who call the Potter’s House a cult don’t know what they’re talking about. And that it’s often said by people who’ve never been to the Potter’s House.

But the people who are saying it are former members and cult experts. With that, their argument goes out the window.

That’s who we are — former members.

Have you ever really looked up what a cult is? People who are in a cult don’t realize they’re in one until they get out.

A repository for documenting experiences, doctrines, and history of Christian Fellowship Ministries to expose the problems in the organization.

We’re a group of ex-members from Christian Fellowship Ministries. Most of us have spent decades attending church there, and we’ve all had similar experiences. Churches under Christian Fellowship Ministries include:

When a church has been in the news in a negative way too much, they change the name from Potters House to Victory Chapel for instance, and continue in that city.

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