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Through your donations, we’re able to add more content on our website, and we’re even able to connect with people who can contribute with their information. If we are able to make this website a centralized source of information, we can inform and warn others who may not know Christian Fellowship Ministries is a flaming cult.

The possibilities are endless!

It’s not like we’re forcing you to tithe, give out of your own free will.

A documentary!

This beautiful trailer was published on April 28th, 2018. The full documentary was never released. But we can still make a documentary, showcasing our collective experiences in Christian Fellowship Ministries. This will not be possible without your donations.

A book!

Who knows what the future might bring? We already know of someone who is writing about this much needed subject. If you’d like to share information to add to the book, you can do so through our contact form.

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We can make promotional material, advertise, invest in SEO to rank higher in Google for various search terms, and so much more! Imagine people looking up whether they should attend The Door, Potter’s House, or any church affiliated to Christian Fellowship Ministries, only to see our website at the top result!

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