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December 4, 2002, by a former member of the Potter's House

I am a former “Potter’s House” member. All the experiences shared by other ex-members sound very familiar, in fact they bring back bad memories!

I can vouch that they are true representations of what goes on in this organization.

My experience lasted five years and resulted in almost destroying my Christian walk. It was in a constant battle between God’s call/vision for my life and the Potters House legalistic doctrine. I felt like I was being torn in two. But my pastor seemed to feel that he should decide what was God and what was not.

I am writing this for current members of the Potter’s House, that genuinely love and want to serve God. Read the rest of the letters here, do they sound familiar?

Some may argue that they are totally happy with Potter’s House, but consider this. The lion born in captivity is completely happy with his life in a cage, because he’s never seen or experienced anything else. He settles for a cage because he’s never known freedom.

If you were saved at Potters House, then you’ve only heard that doctrine and it’s been drummed into you. It is 90% Potter’s House and maybe 10% Bible. That makes it palatable, like salt on a bad meal.

Every service is the same routine and order, time after time. And members attend all of them. It seems like this is necessary to keep the “brainwashing” going. People don’t have much time to think for themselves. Maybe the leaders understand this, and know that if they did have the time, they would see the flaws.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that many people in Potter’s House are saved, but what is the price they pay for that salvation and is it necessary?

The pastor may seem really nice, and maybe he is, but remember this is a man who has been trained, indoctrinated and molded by the Potter’s House. Also remember that he is trained in the techniques and powers of persuasion and not just simply the “Word of God.”

Many of these pastors expect to be put on a pedestal by their congregations. Their authority is not easily questioned. If you have the courage to challenge them about their behavior or doctrine they may say, “We are only trying to protect you.” Twisting the scriptures is likewise also a common response.

Why should someone fear a pastor? And why are they typically always called “pastor”? Why can’t a Potter’s House pastor at times be called by his first name? Don’t we call upon Jesus using His first name? So what’s wrong with using a pastor’s first name?

I’m so thankful to God that I got out of the Potter’s House. Now I am in a wonderful church where everyone is treated as an equal. I feel accepted and not inferior. And I worship God in liberty.

Righteousness doesn’t mean routine or being bound by the chains of legalism. It really means choosing freely to live for God. But how can someone choose something, when they are given no choices?

When we are saved, we are set not taken prisoner and tied down.

Source: RickRoss.com

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