“Praise the Lord, that I got out in time”

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October 2001, by an ex-member of "The Door"

My husband and I attended the Door Christian Fellowship for over a year. At first we were very happy, but after about eight months were not so sure that this was the right place for us. It seemed like we had to prove ourselves to the congregation. Unless we did what was expected from us, such as dedicating time to the ministry, they would not leave us alone.

Our Bible study leaders complained that we were not spending enough time with the “brothers” and “sisters.” This was one of the first signs, which led me to believe that something was not quite right.

They wanted to get to know us better they said, but the bottom line was that they really wanted us to become dependent upon them and their social circle, so they can control every aspect of our life.

After I started to have seconds thoughts about the ministry, I ran into your web site, by the grace of God. The information only confirmed my concerns. God is Good! I mentioned your web site to some of the brothers and sisters and at first they pretended like they were not aware of it or you. But right away they realized that I knew too much. They told me not to read your site anymore.

When we said we were leaving, they confronted and pressured us. Again, this only confirmed my suspicions.

The intentions of The Door may be good, but their methods are wrong. The preaching there is all about putting you on a guilt trip. And in this ministry you do not have a normal life. They encourage you not to have a television. They do not allow you to watch or listen to other ministries. They do not approve of associations with non-members. And there is no vacation time. Instead, they want you to use your vacation time to attend their conferences.

Everything was pretty much dictated. They want you to do what the Ministry wants; or else you are treated as if there is something wrong with you. Thanks to God and the information I read through your web site we were able to leave The Door and now attend a great Church where things are normal.

The Door may be the right place for some people, but as far as I am concerned it is not right for us. We believe too much in the greatness of this country and its freedoms of speech and choice. I should not have to prove myself to any congregation, or win some Pastor’s approval and admiration. What you see is what you get! God is working in my life and He will make the changes necessary in His own time.

Praise the Lord that I got out of there in time. We have not heard from them since we left. I do not wish to have any contact. If the people at The Door are happy within that co-dependent environment, it may be fine for them! As for my husband and I, we are at peace with our present church. Everyone at our new church seems to be successful, positive and have normal lives.

Source: CultEducation.com

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