“Why wasn’t God moving there?”

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"I now know I can walk away from the Potters House, and that God still loves me!"

October 1999, by a "Potter's House" member

I feel like my eyes have been opened after reading the many articles from previous Potters House members about the behind the scenes activities of the fellowship. I would like to also share some of my observations.

I currently attend Potter’s House church and have been saved for close to three years, but something in my spirit in the past 12 months kind of feels defeated after every church service. I admit I am not perfect and there are issues I’m dealing with, but a lot of the times I feel like I’m being banged over the head with the “Sword” rather than being taught how to use it to cut down the circumstances in my life. I also feel like the preaching has a “negative” slant to it and that the pastor seems to have some sort of chip on his shoulder. From him I get the impression that God’s always angry!

As a new convert I attended service 3 times a week, but now I only attend Sunday mornings and feel a lot more peace in my mind. I can certainly relate to most of the testimonies posted on your web site from former members, especially about being put on the guilt trip, although I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a cult.

I love to serve the Lord, but for some reason feel that I won’t continue saved if I continue where I am.

This struggle within caused me to “dig out” more info about the PH on the Internet and I’m glad that I’m not alone in my experiences.

I came to church because I had a need for a physical healing in my body. I’ve prayed, fasted to the best of my ability without success to date.

I see people who have been in the church a lot more years than me and probably more dedicated in their Christian walk yet still lacking in their finances, health and emotional state. I didn’t want to end up like that and began to question within myself why the situation was the way it was. Was there a hindrance in the Church? Why wasn^Òt God moving there? I know what the Word says.

I’ve basically prayed and left the situation about transferring church in God’s hands. I don’t want to be part of a place where He isn’t moving.

I pray God will lead me to a place where I’m going to grow spiritually. I’m not the type that just accepts anything that is preached from the pulpit–heaven help me if I had to rely on my Pastor for directions in life. I hope God leads me to someone who preaches with love and from the heart.

Thanks for your Web page, I now know I can walk away from the Potter’s House without having to feel that God is going to hunt me down, that I can go to another full Gospel believing church, that the blessings will continue and that God still loves me.

I guess the truth in this case has set me free.

Source: RickRoss.com

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