Contract Control: Australia is Affected Too

If you’ve read the article where we posted the Dutch church member contract, or the U.S. pastor contract, you’re probably flabbergasted enough. But Australia is affected too, this was an international and sadly succesful attempt to seize control of the entire organization.

The Contract.

Dated this ____ day of ____
I ____ hereby subscribe to the Constitution of The Potters House Christian Fellowship of Australia Inc. I submit my ministry to Pastor Payne or his successor. I make a solemn commitment before God and the church that I am pioneering or am being entrusted with ____ in the Nation of ____.

I recognize that this church and any equipment or other resources acquired are not my property, but that I am only stewarding them for the Fellowship. It is a great privilege and opportunity to have someone invest in my ministry and not an entitlement. I am not an Employee of The Potters House, but a self-employed minister of the Gospel. I understand that I am responsible to provide for my own medical expenses and insurance and clearly state that the Potters House is not liable for any of these. I understand that all financial support, settlement monies and redirection expenses are simply an offering given to me at the discretion of the Potters House and are not a salary paid for an entitlement.

I will abide by the standards, doctrines and vision to evangelize, make disciples, plant churches and work in unity with the Fellowship as a pastor and steward of this church. If at any time in the future I decide I can no longer work in good faith with this church or Leadership, I will resign from my position, leave the church in good order and not cause any further disruption in that church or any other Fellowship church.

I further state, I am in subjection to Pastor Mitchell or his successor, Pastor Payne or his successor, and the Board of Elders of the Christian Fellowship Ministries. Should they see fit to remove me for moral indiscretion, financial insolvency, doctrinal error, or a disruptive spirit causing harm to the church or Fellowship; I will submit to their direction and surrender all church bank accounts, buildings, equipment and assets and go quietly on to re-direction, discipline, and relocation.

Signed ____ Dated ____

Witness ____ Dated ____

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