Cult Expert Walter Martin

Walter Ralston Martin (September 10, 1928 – June 26, 1989), was an American Baptist Christian minister and author who founded the Christian Research Institute in 1960 as a para-church ministry specializing as a clearing-house of information in both general Christian apologetics and in countercult apologetics. As the author of the influential The Kingdom of the Cults (1965), he has been dubbed the “godfather of the anti-cult movement”.

Since Walter was considered the number one cult expert at the time of his death, we believe his thoughts on Christian Fellowship Ministries would be notable. His organization posted Christian Fellowship Ministries, founded by Wayman Mitchell, on their website. You can find it here!

Copied/pasted from culteducation.com

Christian Fellowship Churches–founded by Wayman Mitchell aka The Potter’s House, The Door, Victory Chapel

 The Cracked Pots — Australian Potter’s House Churches
 Potter’s House Freedom
 Freedom from the Potter’s House (discussion group)
 Vocie of Warning
 Life after Potter’s House
 Escape from the Fellowship (discussion group)

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