IRS lien on the Flagstaff, AZ, Potters House in 1991

The following documents were obtained from the Coconino County Assessor’s Office in Flagstaff Arizona.

Grace Fellowship Church” formerly “Potters House” and before that “Victory Chapel” was part of Wayman Mitchell’s Prescott Potters House organization till the end of 1991 when they split from it. It was the third largest “church” in the organization and its pastor Conrad Orosco was also the Treasurer for the entire Potters House organization.

In June of 1990 David Diver, Steve Schoner, and Steve Twitchell met with the “Church Counsel” and demanded to see the financial records of the Flagstaff Church, which was in the process of splitting from Wayman Mitchell’s organization. We were interested in the financial records from 1986 to 1990 when the so called “Grace Fellowship Full Gospel Chruch” (then Potters House) was fully allied with Mithcell. Our demand was refused and we warned them that we would take what we did know about their shady finances to the IRS– which we did.

We sent important documents to the IRS and some months later Dave Diver, Steve Schoner, Mark Workman, and Chris Turner met with criminal investigators for the IRS.

By then they had a huge dossier on the Potters House and we spent many hours with them giving statements and information.

We knew nothing about the outcome of this meeting with IRS agents until Dave Diver uncovered this document from the Courthouse here in Flagstaff.

The sum of the assessment is not much, but the significance of the assessment is, for it may be just the tip of an iceberg.

The Flagstaff “church” broke away from Mitchell’s organization right about the time of the IRS lien and therefore got off lightly. The question is how many IRS liens (possibly much larger) were assessed against the other “churches” in Mithcell’s “crown.”

Liens such as this also bring up another question– was their “tax exempt” status revoked?

If so, the Potters House is not saying, nor are they saying much about the IRS investigation that must surely have occurred.

I invite all that are interested in uncovering the truth to do so at County Courthouses and Assessor’s Offices wherever a longstanding Potters HouseVictory Chapel, and or The Door exist, especially such “churches” that have been in existence since the early 1990’s and late 1980’s. Of particular interest would be the Victory Chapel in Cape Cod, MA; The Door in Tucson AZ; and the Potters House in Prescott, AZ.

These and the other earlier Potters House “churches” probably have an interesting public record to tell. If you find anything of interest in these public records, please forward them to me for review and if I deem them important then they will be included. Once the full scope of the liens are known then the reasons why they were assessed will come out.

This is only the beginning, only the tip of the iceberg– The truth must be told.


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