Members from The Door Have to Sign a Contract

It’s not enough if you have a personal relationship with Christ, it’s not enough if you’re Spirit filled; you have to prove to your pastor that you’ll obey his commands. To have the upper hand, and something to blackmail you with later on, the pastor requires you to sign a contract before you’re allowed to be in ministry.

Ministry can mean all sorts of things, even if it’s just cleaning the toilets; if you do any work around the building, you’re ministering. And although you want to invest your time for the sake of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, you have to promise your pastor you won’t commit as grave a sin as going to the cinema.

The English translation

I appreciate being used in ministry, and understand it’s important I’m a good example and that the church can count on me fulfilling my responsibilities.

By signing this agreement, I’m committing to the principles and conditions of our church and will live by them.

I understand above all that it’s important to be a witnessing Christian and to maintain a personal relationship with God through prayer.

This form is a formality. I understand there needs to be a basis of mutual trust and that the church must be able to trust I’ll live the following principles.


  1. I will be present during all church services, Sunday Bible-studies, and revival services. In case of necessary absence I will report myself absent to the One80 leader or pastor.
  2. As far as this is necessary for my ministry, I will discuss my vacations with the person in charge well in advance so that the activities in which I am involved will not come to a standstill during my absence.
  3. I and my family do not own a television, we do not watch worldly videos or DVDs at home, and will not misuse the computer to watch and / or download worldly movies.
  4. I have a filter on my computer to protect against unwanted internet sites.
  5. I will not go to the cinema, I do not smoke or use alcohol and / or drugs.
  6. I will faithfully support the Church with my tithes.
  7. If applicable, my wife will support me and will comply with the above.
  8. For music, drama, choir, and house meeting ministry only: I also promise to be present at joint evangelistic activities and total mobilizations where music or drama groups perform. I will also be present when the church has a permit for Saturday afternoon or evening.


  1. If someone cannot be present due to work, this is not a problem, but it is important that the One80 leader or pastor is informed of their absence.
  2. Nothing unusual.
  3. If there is a television or DVD player in a family, the responsibility for this lies with the husband / father, and in his absence, with the wife / mother. This means that a woman can be in ministry if, despite her objection, there is a television in the house, because the man has chosen for this. Children are also not blamed if the parents have a television at home.
  4. Nothing unusual.
  5. Our fellowship has taken a stand against cinema attendance. This does not apply to theater or musicals.
  6. Nothing unusual.
  7. Nothing unusual.
  8. Nothing unusual.

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