Returning Curses: Former CFM Pastor and Wife Repent

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Recently, we received an email from a former CFM pastor and his wife regarding this topic of Returning Curses. In the
email they expressed their sincere sorrow for practicing returning and sending curses upon former members while in
CFM. They have now gone public with two posts on our message board regarding this subject. With their permission, we
have edited their two posts into one testimony. – mr_slammo

Returning curses has been going on for a long time in the area of the fellowship where we were from; an East Coast
conference church.
While we were on staff in the early 90’s, we were invited, along with the church treasurer and his wife (close friends of
ours and the pastor’s) to a little sanctified (NOT!) prayer meeting from hell. We assembled in the pastor’s home, down in
his basement. He instructed us that most people in the church “would not understand” what we were about to do, but we
were instructed to “pray against these enemies of the cross and call out their individual names and turn back on them any
prayers against us.” These people were people who had left the church. Some of them had even gone to the media and
spoken against the church and the pastor. These were the real “enemies of the cross.” Sadly, we participated in this
prayer meeting fully believing that we were upholding and fighting for the faith.
Perhaps, could there had been some people who were prayed against and who probably did not send any curses toward
our former church and the pastor? Yes! How did we ever know if someone sent a curse our way? Suspicion was the
scapegoat. It was a blanket excuse that was used to justify the practice of cursing people – period!
We knew many of these people whom we prayed against, and they were not occultic people. We spoke to these folks
after leaving CFM and we found out that they are still Christians! They told us that they did not put a curse on anyone, nor
did they ever practiced it. Others who had left our former church have backslidden, a malady which affects many who
leave any church. Their sin was to be disgruntled or question the pastor and the fellowship and then speak against them.
Many had valid complaints, but this is why they were prayed against, not because they were sending us any curses. If our
former pastor got a headache he blamed in on the enemies of the cross. He thought that they were praying against him,
thus he felt justified to “put it back on those that are sending.” It is nuts and paranoia! We feel it is just an excuse to rally
people to be against these people and to pray a curse on them. That is a sick excuse!
Today, curse returning is now a mainstream practice in CFM. What was previously done in private is now openly
declared at public Bible conferences. This practice has come a long way from a secret little prayer powwow, to a church
service’s battle-cry-rallying closing prayer. We believe that CFM pastors have been given the license to preach and
practice curse returning, in light of Pastor Mitchell’s endorsement on this charismatic witchcraft.
Now we realize our error, we have repented. What we did was foul, it was from hell, unrighteous, unholy and totally
To minimize this practice is very serious. This is an all out offense to Jesus Christ,. We have repented and we would
suggest that everybody who reads this pray for those in CFM and that they would repent also. Pray that God would
remove the scales that are on their eyes concerning this practice. To think that you can participate in such an act, and not
repent, is tantamount to using Ouija boards and Tarot cards without similar regard. What is the difference? Witchcraft is
witchcraft and it is empowered by demonic forces.
We hold fast onto the verse, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”. Prayer is our weapon of choice – thank you!
The kind of prayer that sends curses, and we repeat and stand firm on this, is demonic, witchcraft and occultic! Curse
returning prayers are energized by demons.
We think this one practice of returning and sending curses in CFM is enough to show who and what they really are and it
sickens us. We pray for them, not against them. We believe that their darkness needs to be exposed.
If you lurkers out there want to ignore this major issue in CFM, you will one day find yourself practicing returning curses.
We hope that God in His mercy intervenes and will open your eyes, and takes you out of CFM.
* * * * *
“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not
pick figs from thorn bushes, or grapes from briers. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his
heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his
mouth speaks.” – Luke 6:43-45
We hope and pray that God will convict the hearts of those in CFM who practice this false teaching that it’s
leadership promotes.

Source: Life-After-Potters-House.Tripod.com

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