Disfellowshipped – By a woman accused of “witchcraft”

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December 1999, by a woman accused of "witchcraft"

I was involved with the Potter’s House for about 4 years (they didn’t have membership at that time). I was in my twenties when I was disfellowshipped for having an unrighteous relationship with a pastor. But he was not asked to leave. He was taken back to ‘Mecca’ [headquarters] and was back pastoring within the year. To my knowledge he has had an additional 2 affairs, the last resulting in leaving his wife for another woman.

I was accused of having “seduced” this man through the “use of witchcraft.” However, he actually approached me first and started our affair. This occurred many years ago, but people I know through the church are still told that they had better have nothing to do with me because I am a known witch and a deceiver. They are also told that associating with me will cause them to go to hell.

There was never at any time any redemption extended toward me. In fact, the area overseer was still calling pastors and warning them about me four years after I left. Even when I sought biblical reconciliation to be at peace with these idiots, I was told that that was not possible.

Now, I have no problems with the disciplinary action taken against me. I was in sin and I deserved everything I got and more. The problem for me is the difference in the way I was treated as opposed to the pastor involved, who it seems has since gone on to ruin more women’s lives.

I was very much a rebel the whole time I was in the Potter’s House. But I brought most of the people into our church. When I first became involved with the church I was doing the things that I did, such as taking people into my home and witnessing to them and really trying to help them–because I loved Jesus. However, at some point I simply began to serve the organization.

I really did not think that I had checked my brain at the door. I constantly argued with my pastor about doctrine. In fact, at one point he told me I would have to leave the church eventually because the organization would never let me do the things he knew I was called to do.

After I was thrown out, I literally had no place to go. I also discovered that I did not trust my own ability to make a decision. It was months before I was able to think clearly again. I was bombarded by church members with their belief that I had lost me “destiny in God”, but I knew that was a crock.

Over the years, I have found a marvelous healing and restoration. I am more alive now than I ever was back then. I walk in a new power and anointing that I would have never been allowed to find in that organization.

My point in sharing my story is that I am not the only woman that was involved with these pastors. I personally know of at least a half a dozen. This organization covers for some of them, unless they are just too obnoxious about it. No one believes us or is willing to walk with us out of the situation, they just feed us to the wolves. In the Potter’s House, it seems the woman is always to blame in sexual sin and for some reason, the men are just helpless victims.

Source: RickRoss.com

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