Ex-pastor Valk leaves De Deur Zwolle

The former pastor of Evangeliegemeente De Deur in Zwolle, Evert Valk, who was discredited last week after a publication about an abuse case in the Reformatorisch Dagblad, is no longer welcome in the Zwolle church.

Pastor Nomdo Schuitema announced during the church service last Sunday that Valk must leave the congregation “permanently”. Various sources have this week confirmed this to the Reformatorisch Dagblad. Schuitema herself is, despite repeated attempts to make contact, not available for comment.

Under the rules of the Christian Fellowship Ministries, a failing pastor must return to the congregation from which he was sent. It is not known why Valk remained in Zwolle after his deposition in 2018.

This article was translated and published with permission of the author, read the original article here.

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