Here are some of the changes a Texas church made to their production of ‘Hamilton’

Over the past couple of days, there has been a lot of discussion over the unauthorized performance of ‘Hamilton’ by a church in Texas. The Door McAllen and RGV Productions performed the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical twice last weekend. The show included many edits to the lyrics which were changed to references to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The performance include a sermon at the end of the show which included anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, Needless to say, there was swift anger and backlash directed at the church. As of yesterday, the legal team at ‘Hamilton’ issued a statement denying that they gave the church an amateur license to perform the show. However, they did give permission to the church to conclude their run which ended on Saturday, Aug 6th. Many have been asking what exact changes the church made to the script. While we can’t post the entire video here, we can post some snippets of their edits. So here are some of them.

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