Pastor “The Door” Removed

The pastor of the church in Zwolle, The Netherlands functions as the European version of Wayman Mitchell. He’s not just the pastor of Zwolle, but also of the Netherlands, Africa, and China. His power is too great, and subsequently he abused this power. This set in motion a series of events that victimized many.

On the 22nd of August, 2018, the “Reformatorisch Dagblad”, a Presbyterian Newspaper in the Netherlands, published the following article. Nobody could have known what happened behind closed doors.

You can find the article here, or read the English translation below.

At the end of June Evert Valk was removed from his position as pastor of Evangeliegemeente De Deur in Zwolle.

The new pastor, Nomdo Schuitema, confirmed that last Wednesday. The reason for Valk’s departure is “moral failure.” In order to protect the privacy of the former predecessor, Schuitema does not want to explain the reason in more detail. According to him, Valk, who was a pastor for over twenty years, accepts the decision of the consistory. For the past sixteen years, Schuitema served as pastor of the Evangeliegemeente De Deur in Leeuwarden.

A couple of months after Valk was removed from his position, the newspapers had to ask whether this was the case, thus proving the lack of transparency of “The Door”.

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