The Dutch Government debating removing the Public Benefit Organization status of The Door Netherlands

These recent days, The Door Netherlands has come to the attention of the Dutch government because of an article about healing homosexuality (currently only available in Dutch). The Door, Potter’s House, or any other “church” under ‘Christian Fellowship Ministries’, holds a ‘Public Benefit Organization’ status. This means any donations they receive are deductible from taxes, and thus people may give more.

The Video Translation

…chairman, let me try to do that at least before the end of this year. I have to check with the tax authorities if that is possible. [inaudible] …that if those investigations lead to action, then we have to see what the tax authorities need to do with the withdrawal of the ‘Public Benefit Organization’ status or even legislative changes.

Thank you.

Then I will go to Mr. Jasper van Dijk on behalf of the SP.

Madam chairman, it is really crazy. I just checked what those groups do exactly, right? Who practice so-called ‘homo healing’. The Door Netherlands: “God can change everyone, including your sexuality.” ‘De Vluchtheuvel’: “You can compare homosexual desires with cheating.” May I assume that the government unequivocally condemns this, and that the State Secretary will not only check the tax authorities on this, but also that we can assume that the tax authorities actively go to these clubs. To start with these two: The Door and ‘De Vluchtheuvel’, and to say boys, it’s over. You don’t get a penny anymore, this just can’t happen.

The State Secretary.

Chairman, The Door and ‘De Vluchtheuvel’, I did not know them, but I will know them after this weekend. They are now in the crosshairs of the tax authorities, so paying a visit there is made easy for them, because they know their addresses now, and they will go by there if I ask to check there they will hopefully do that too, and the government puts emphasis on that too. Firstly, I think that we, Mr. van Dijk and I, Chairman, share our horror at this. As far as the government’s position on the legal side of this is concerned, as I said, Mr. de Jong will be coming to the cabinet soon this autumn.

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