Poetry: Life in the Potters House

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hand, puppet, snowman
When you do what I tell you to
and you don’t ask me why,
I’ll ask you to do even more
to test if you’ll comply.
God has established leadership
In your case it is me
When you do just as I please
One day you’ll be like me.
I don’t like what I can’t control
Such as the Holy Ghost
Of course I want Him in my church
A little bit at most
I preach from the New Testament;
God set us free from law.
But tithing is a principle
that I can not outlaw.
While Jesus may have called himself
A shepherd in John ten
I feel I’m more like ancient Kings
It better fits wise men
I don’t want you asking questions
when you disagree.
If you start thinking for yourself
I’ll kick you out of here.
But if you ever dare to leave
I’ll tell you it’s the devil’s work
And you’ve begun to sin
Either way, when you have gone
I’ll ensure your friends
Will all end their relationships
And no one makes amends
Are you married? I don’t care!
I’ll come after your wife
I’ll do almost anything
To ruin your whole life
And when you think it can’t get worse
I’ll finish with a blow
Oppressing your whole family
They’ll see you as a foe
But hey—my friend—you’re welcome here
As long as you agree
Your life decisions I will make
If so, then please sign here

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