Some resources you might need...

Helpful links to websites about leaving CFM, including communities and social media pages exposing CFM. Do you know a website that isn’t in our list? Please let us know.

Join our group on Facebook; Escaping the Potter’s House: Stories of those who survived the CFM cult, perhaps the largest online community of ex-members there is.

Helpful links

The Hope of Survivors – Support, hope, and healing for victims of clergy sexual abuse.

Apologetics Index – What is spiritual abuse?

[Dutch] Eleos – Specialist in Christelijke Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg

[Dutch] SekteSignaal – De vertrouwensplek bij misstanden binnen gesloten groepen

I'm out, now what?

  • Find a healthy church, victims of cults often fall prey to another abusive church, read this post to prevent that from happening, and watch this video.
  • Read the Bible, now you no longer spend an average of 10 hours per week attending CFM activities, you have plenty of time to discover what the Bible really says.
  • Seek help, whether you think you’re fine or not, it may help to talk to a professional about your experiences at CFM.

What can I do to stop CFM?

  • Contact the police, a lot of what happened to you may be considered abuse by someone in a position of power, which is illegal.
  • Inform the government, Christian Fellowship Ministries is considered a charity, a Public Benefit Organisation, or in Dutch an ANBI. You can send the government a letter to inform them what happens behind closed doors.
    • Netherlands:
      ANBI Team
      Postbus 90056
      5600PJ Eindhoven
    • United Kingdom:
      Click here.
    • United States of America:
      Use this form, click here.
      IRS – EO Referrals
      1100 Commerce Street
      MC 4910 DAL
      Dallas, TX 75242
    • Australia:
      Click here.
  • Inform the newspapers, warn the public so nobody else falls prey to the abusive Christian Fellowship Churches.
  • Leave a review, did you know you can leave reviews on Google businesses, we bet your local Potter’s House, The Door, or Victory Chapel has turned reviews on as well.

Recommended books

We added this section for those who seek healing in their spiritual life, to discover what Christianity is actually supposed to be. This is in no way similar to the Wayman Mitchell recommended book list. These books are either to correct CFM’s doctrinal errors, or to recognize what made Potter’s House an abusive church. Many of those who leave an abusive church, sadly end up in one down the road. Reading these books helps prevent that.