The scripture shell game of CFM

I recently watched one of Nomdo’s online damage control sessions. It followed the series of articles in the Reformatorisch Dagblad that exposed the Valk cover-up.
Nomdo quoted this text:
Psa 84:10 For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.
And from that point in his sermon, he substituted the word “Church”.
That’s not what is says. It says “courts” and it says “threshold of the house of my God”.
This is automatically substituted and no one flinches. Worse still, in CFM parlance, “church” means the CFM franchise, because everyone knows there are no real churches in God’s will outside the Fellowship.

One of the best examples is the word “pastor”. Wayman took passages referring to Elders and Overseers and applied them to the CFM concept “Pastor”, which is the embodiment of every function in the NT that has authority. They justify absolute authority using OT passages referring to kingship. They subjugate “prophet” to “pastor” (or deny the function altogether) and ONLY acknowledge “evangelists” as a separate function in the organization, except the occasional bold claim that Wayman is actually an Apostle, even though he doesn’t use the title (an no one ever refutes it).

So then after watching Nomdo’s session, I see Greg’s damage control seriesOnline. Sounds ok until you realize what he means by “church” and “God’s plan”. Mitchell’s plan for the organization.
This is what he slips in after the prayer afterwards:

[“If you believe God’s plan is for the Church. Stand to your feet. Raise your hands Repeat after me”]:
“God, thank you for the church. For your great plan.
I commit myself to your plan of the church.
Forgive me for neglecting or speaking evil against the church. God I repent.
I want to see your will brought in the church.
I will assemble.
I will value the preaching of God’s word.
I will invest financially.
I will pray.
And I will evangelize and be a part of church planting, and world missions.
God, use my life in the church.
And use our church to reach our nation and the nations of the world.
And I thank you for it in Jesus’ name.”
Of course, he didn’t mention financially supporting expensive, lengthy, lawsuits, which, even Wayman admitted were “to make a point.”

These are just examples. CFM has a habit of saying their interpretation of what the Bible says – their definition – even when they’re reading the Bible. They actually speak their interpretation, instead of what the Bible says!
This is a giveaway that they’ve stopped reading what the Bible says and try to make the Bible say what they do. They don’t read the Bible to find out what it says, but to make you believe what they say.
And that’s pretty much what we’d come to expect in CFM. The fellowship has it’s own conceptual constellation and that is the very thing they use to manipulate people.
But their conceptual constellation is a delusion. It is a framework to make you believe *their will* is *God’s will*. After all, what advice is routinely given to the question, “How can you know the will of God?”, “Through preaching.” “Ask your pastor.” “Pray about it”.
No wonder their teaching about the Holy Spirit is superficial. While the Fellowship indulges in pastoral aggrandizement, God seems more and more distant.

The CFM interpretation of passages is so ridged, only they can tell you what those passages mean. You can’t understand the Bible without their help (Like most cults).

Accept their unbiblical teaching about tithing and you’re ready to roll.

They’ve made you depend on them for understanding and they’ve hitched you to their wagon.

Get ready to be manipulated for all you’re worth, because they’re about to micromanage every detail of your life to suit themselves.

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